• Emily Christiansen

    Emily Christiansen is a software engineer at American Public Media. She works on the Public Insight Network, a platform for newsrooms to engage their sources in a meaningful way. Emily loves learning new programming languages as well as teaching others. ...more

  • Tim Cunningham

    Tim Cunningham has been obsessed with programming since his dad bought a Kaypro IV to help run the family business in 1984. He started developing web applications in 1995 and developing ColdFusion applications since 1999. ...more

  • David Epler

    David Epler is a Software Architect with AboutWeb in Rockville, MD. As a member of AboutWeb's solutions team, he has built, deployed, and maintained systems compliant with the most demanding regulations and mandates needed to pass ...more

  • Sam Farmer

    Growing up I never imagined I would play bass guitar for the Dave Matthews Band. And indeed it never happened.

    But I have become a passionate and pretty good web developer ...more

  • Dave Ferguson

    Dave has been working in information technology for many, many, years. He has spent the majority of that time specializing in large enterprise-class web applications. Dave runs his own ColdFusion blog, where he posts interesting things he comes across. ...more

  • Simon Free

    Simon Free has extensive experience in the online space. As an ACP, an ACI, and application developer for ten24, Simon has proven his skills in both the educational and development arenas. Constantly learning and sharing his knowledge, ...more

  • Paul Hastings

    Paul Hastings, who after over 25 years of IT work is now a completely fossilized geologist, is CTO at Sustainable GIS, a consulting firm specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS),Flex, and ColdFusion applications for the natural resource market ...more

  • Guust Nieuwenhuis

    Guust Nieuwenhuis is a Senior Analyst Developer specialised in web technologies. With his own company, Orange Lark, he delivers web solutions (sites, applications and consultancy) to various (inter)national clients. ...more

  • Dan Skaggs

    Dan Skaggs has been coding in one form or another since the mid-1980s. A web developer since 1998, Dan has been developing ColdFusion applications since 2000 and has spoken at several ColdFusion conferences. ...more

  • Nic Tunney

    Nic has been working on web applications since the late 90's spending most of his life using the Adobe product stack. He's been everything from a tech instructor to a web developer to VP of Software Architecture and Director. ...more

  • Adam Tuttle

    Adam Tuttle has been developing web applications since the year 2000, starting with ColdFusion 4.5. In that time he has worked for manufacturing companies, in academia, and as a consultant; but ColdFusion was a constant ...more

  • Dan Wilson

    As principal partner of DataCurl LLC, Dan Wilson runs both the consulting practice and, a way to help employees start and stick with healthier lifestyles. ...more