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Now that you have finished Learn CF in a Week, you should have a good understanding of ColdFusion. While you might not be ready to go out and lead a team of developers in building a highly complex and scalable application, you should feel confident enough in creating a few basic applications while you get your feet wet.

With the completion of this course, you are probably wondering what you should do next. There are a few things that you can do to help improve your ColdFusion knowledge:

Read Articles and Blogs

There are many articles and blog posts published on a regular basis that will help you advance your knowledge. Often, these resources will be on specific ColdFusion functionality or development problems that you might come across while you are developing. These resources are jam packed with information from developers who have come across the problem and found a good solution. Here are a few useful resources:

  • Adobe ColdFusion Community Portal:
    The Adobe ColdFusion Community Portal has blogs posts from the Adobe ColdFusion product development team as well as community members. If you already have an login, you can use it to login to the portal. You can submit your own blog posts, ask questions, participate in discussions, or write a testimonial.
  • The Blog of Ben Nadel:
    Ben Nadel is a famous figure in ColdFusion. His blog posts go into a depth that none can compete with. His posts are informative and can explain it in a way everyone can understand.
  • The Blog of Charlie Arehart
    A veteran server troubleshooter with over thirty years experience in enterprise IT, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime contributor to the community and Adobe Community Professional. He provides professional consulting, emergency support, and troubleshooting services. His detailed blog posts provide great troubleshooting tips and tricks, as well as detailed instructions on handling ColdFusion server updates.
  • is a ColdFusion blog aggregator. Anyone who is anyone in the ColdFusion world has their blog aggregated by cfbloggers. The feed is constantly updating with new blog posts from people around the globe ,allowing you to keep up with all the new developments in the ColdFusion world.

Attend Conferences

There are a number of conferences throughout the year that offer presentations on ColdFusion topics. These conferences provide an opportunity to attend a wide variety of presentations on numerous topics, some which you might have experience with and some you might never have come across before. These conferences give you the chance to broaden your knowledge and directly interact with the speakers. Also, you will meet and socialize with other ColdFusion developers. It is not uncommon for people to leave a conference filled with new ideas that they wish to try out.

Always keep your eyes and ears open for new conferences that might start up, but for now, here is a list of established conferences that are held each year:

  • ColdFusion Summit:
    ColdFusion Summit is a two day ColdFusion conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in October or November. The conference is offered by Adobe, and has a number of beginner to intermediate level ColdFusion topics as well as presentations by Adobe ColdFusion development engineers. It is attended by many of the leading ColdFusion community members and is packed with great information. There is typically a pre-conference workshop day, with in-depth hands-on sessions on topics such as security or containerization. Adobe also offers a one day ColdFusion Summit East conference in the Washington, DC area in April.
  • Into The Box:
    Into The Box is a 2 day conference in The Woodlands, Texas (not far from Houston) in May. The conference is offered by Ortus Solutions (famous for the ColdBox framework ecosystem). The conference topics are generally intermediate to advanced and cover many ColdFusion-related subjects (not just ColdBox). There is also a pre-conference workshop day.
  • CF Camp:
    CF Camp is a European ColdFusion conference. The conference is held in Munich, Germany in October. The conference provides general training for both beginner and advanced level CFML programmers.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn what is going on in the ColdFusion world as you get to listen to them at your own leisure. Maybe it is when you are on your commute into work, or maybe when you are hitting the gym. Whenever it is, podcasts are packed with lots of information about what is going on in the ColdFusion community, any new information that Adobe has released about the next version of ColdFusion, and interviews with members of the ColdFusion community.

Here are a few of the current ColdFusion podcasts:

  • Modernize or Die - CFML News Edition:
    Hosted by Gavin Pickin and Andrew Davis, the Modernize or Die CFML News edition is typically a weekly podcast. Gavin and Andrew will do their best to keep you up to date on everything ColdFusion related. Events, Engine updates and releases, Frameworks Tools and Module releases, the best quality blog posts, tweets and videos from the community as well as the ForgeBox module of the Week and the VS Code Hint Tip and Trick of the week. Each episode is also available in video form on YouTube.
  • Modernize or Die - SoapBox Edition:
    Hosted by Gavin Pickin, the Modernize or Die SoapBox edition takes you behind the scenes in the ColdFusion community to talk with the leaders, to find out what they are doing to push the language forward, with tools, frameworks, modules, lessons and best practices.
  • CF Alive:
    Hosted by Michaela Light of Teratech, CF Alive is the only ColdFusion podcast dedicated to helping CFers thrive in their jobs and growing the CF programmer community. Discover practices, tools, techniques, tips, trends and what is new in the world of ColdFusion today.

Get Certified

Besides building some fantastic applications, one way to demonstrate to people how great your ColdFusion knowledge is to get ColdFusion Certified. Beginning in 2019, Adobe is offering a Certified ColdFusion Specialist course and exam during the pre-conference day at CF Summit (and plans to offer it at CF Summit East in 2020).

Join the Learn CF In A Week Google Group and CFML Slack Teams

  • Learn CF In A Week Google Group:!forum/learn-cf-in-a-week-public Join and subscribe to the Google group to get news on new content or to ask questions and get assistance with the Hands On portion of the course (coming soon!!!).
  • CFML Slack Team: Real-time chat with other ColdFusion community members. Slack can be accessed using either the Slack web application or the Slack desktop application Start out in the cfml-beginners and cfml-general channels, and feel free to ask questions or participate in discussion threads. The Adobe channel is a great way to discuss specific issues with Adobe ColdFusion and interact with some of the Adobe ColdFusion product team. The water-cooler channel is a place to just have casual conversations with other community members. There are over a dozen other topic-specific channels for frameworks, tools, and development architecture.