Hands On 8

By Simon Free (Bio)

In this hands on, we will create a more complex loop that uses an array of structures.

Tags Used: <cfscript>, <cfloop>, <cfoutput>

Functions Used: arrayAppend

  1. Open the /www/portfolio.cfm file in your code editor.
  2. At the top of the file, create open and closing <cfscript> tags.
  3. Inside the <cfscript> tags create a variable myPortfolio and instantiate an empty array.
  4. Your code should look similar to this:
    	myPortfolio = [];
  5. Once you have an empty array, you need to populate it with some data. Below the variable declaration, write the following line of code:
  6. Add this line 2 more times.
  7. Provide information for all 3 structures. Your code should look similar to this:
    	myPortfolio = [];
    	arrayAppend(myPortfolio,{title='Title 1',website='http://www.website1.com',image='portfolio1.png',description='Description 1'});
    	arrayAppend(myPortfolio,{title='Title 2',website='http://www.website2.com',image='portfolio2.png',description='Description 2'});
    	arrayAppend(myPortfolio,{title='Title 3',website='http://www.website3.com',image='portfolio3.png',description='Description 3'});
  8. Go to the comment Start Portfolio.
  9. Once the array has been populated you can loop over it and output its data. Below the comment, create a <cfloop> tag with the following attributes:
    • array: #myPortfolio#
    • index: portfolio
  10. Add a closing </cfloop> tag after the first closing </li> tag.
  11. Replace the value of the href attribute with #portfolio.website#.
  12. Replace the value of the title attribute with #portfolio.title#.
  13. Replace the src attribute of the <img> tag with assets/images/portfolio/#portfolio.image#.
  14. Replace the contents of the <h5> tag with #portfolio.title#.
  15. Replace the contents of the <p> tag with #portfolio.description#.
  16. Delete the remaining 2 <li> tags that are outside of the <cfloop>.
  17. Wrap the <cfloop> tag with an opening and closing <cfoutput> tag.
  18. Your code should look similar to this:
    <ul id="portfolio-list">
        <!-- Start Portfolio -->
    		<cfloop array="#myPortfolio#" index="portfolio">
    				<div class="left">
    					<a href="#portfolio.website#" title="#portfolio.title#" class="viewDetail ">
    						<img src="images/assets/small/#portfolio.image#"   alt=" " border="0" />
    				<div class="right">
  19. Load the /www/portfolio.cfm page in your browser; notice that the contents from the struct is being displayed.


  1. Update the contents of the structs with more relevant information.
  2. Add 2 new portfolio items.